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Home proud Nagoya, birthplace of Toyota and pachinko (pinball-style game), is a manufacturing powerhouse. Although Nagoya's GDP tops that of many small countries, this middle child has grown accustomed to life in the shadow of its bigger brothers, Tokyo and Kansai. In contrast to its industrial core, Nagoya has cosmopolitan aspects including some fantastic museums, significant temples and excellent shopping. Parks and green spaces in the inner wards prevail and are well maintained. Nagoyans take pride in the unpretentious nature of their friendly, accessible city.

Nagoya sits between Tokyo and Kyoto/Osaka on the Tōkaidō Shinkansen line. It's the gateway for journeys north into Chūbu's big mountain heart and a great base for day trips.

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Please look at the list of the countries that have the visa exemption agreement with Japan. If your country is included in the list, you usually do not need to apply for an entry visa to Japan.

If your country is not included in the list, you need to obtain a short-term stay visa (“tanki-shouyou visa” in Japanese) from the embassy of Japan in your country.
Read carefully the Japanese visa guide provided by the ministry of foreign affairs. For entry into Japan, a VISA may be required for attendees from some countries.

Please make sure whether you need to apply for a VISA or not on the web site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan at: